80 Minutes No Interval

8th March  - 9th April

 Thread Entertainment in association with Red Line Productions at the Old Fitz

Written and Directed by Travis Cotton

 Louis is a failed novelist, which wouldn't be the case if he'd stop messing with tense and obscuring the narrative. e was a theatre reviewer, and he'd still be doing that if a black box hadn't been invented that runs on an algorithm having it write perfect reviews. His girlfriend would still be around if he'd stopped taking her to plays where directors wrecked simple stories, and he'd be sitting in his home right now if he hadn't worn out his welcome at his parent's investment property. One thing Louis does have is grit; he ain't gonna let no thing or no body bring him down. But sometimes art happens, and when it does... two words... pens and eyes. Pens. Eyes.

With Ryan Johnson, Sheridan Harbridge, Robin Goldsworthy, Jacob Allan and Julia Rorke.

Designer: Georgia Hopkins

Lighting Designer: Ross Graham

Composer/Sound Designer: Hamish Michael

Composer: Hue Blanes

Stage Manager: Liam Murray


Ticket Prices: $38 Adult, $33 Concession, $28 Previews & Cheap Tuesday

Time: Tuesday – Sat 7:30pm, Sun 5pm

The performance runs for 80 minutes, No Interval.