Devour my sex, It’s on sale.


A high-speed collision of bodies and ranting rhyme. A L P H A is a beat poet’s journey to the identity of I, You, Me and Us.

Want to be on top? No time to bottom out...

Let’s run with the alphas.

A L P H A is a collection of love stories addressed to Us from the vital voices of Sebastian Robinson and Tamara Natt.

Lifted from pages written by their own experiences as the Lover, the Loved and the Loveless, Natt and Robinson offer an honest and intimate insight into the inner workings of heartache in the age of the Alpha where vulnerability is a disability.

Offering a ‘night cap’ of poetry and movement, they interrogate our addiction to flux and whether, if we are constantly moving, changing, adapting and updating, are we ever made to face our true selves? If the journey is constant…


A duet of Poetry by Tamara Natt and Sebastian Robinson

Where is our destination? What is our destiny?

Written & performed by Sebastian Robinson & Tamara Natt

Directed by Sebastian Robinson

10.15pm Tuesday-Saturday, 7.45pm Sunday

Approximately 50 minutes

Dates 9th- 20th February

Ticket Prices: $25 including booking fee

The performance runs for approximately 55 minutes.