Henna Night

Henna Nights

by Amy Rosenthal

Directed by Glen Hamilton

With Jane Angharad and Romney Stanton.

“I went to Boots today and I bought a packet of henna and some razor blades... I thought, ok, I’m going to go home, drink a bottle of wine, and then depending how I feel tomorrow morning, I’ll either slash my wrists or dye my hair. Either way, I’ll ruin my bathroom carpet.” 

When Judith's boyfriend leaves her for another woman, she descends into a depression fuelled by cigarettes, alcohol and Dairy Milk. One night, in the hope of bringing him back, she leaves a desperate voicemail announcing her pregnancy, and threatening either to slash her wrists or henna her hair. To her horror, however, it’s his new girlfriend, Ros who turns up at her door, determined to iron this out once and for all. Confronted with the woman who has 'stolen her life', sparks fly between chaotic Judith and dependable Ros. So begins an evening of raw emotion, black comedy and sizzling debate, as two very different women fight for their right to happiness and love. The award-winning Henna Night by Amy Rosenthal is an entertaining and wickedly perceptive one act play about the intimacy and rivalry of female relationships.

Ticket Prices: $25 including booking fee

July 5th-July 9th

All performances, Tuesday - Saturday start at 9.45pm

The performance runs for approximately 55 minutes without an interval