by Brendan Cowell

Produced by Red Line Productions

With Ben O’Toole, Sean Hawkins, Jamie Timony and Cheree Cassidy

30 June - 25 July

Three men. One woman. One hour. As time ticks to a close the best and the worst of these three males comes blaring out under the watch of their mother figure. Who will win? Who will survive? Who will prevail as man? Men is Brendan Cowell’s first play and premiered at the Old Fitz in 2000. A nerve-bending exposé of what it is to be a guy, with a twist that will leave you breathless.

Director: Jessica Tuckwell

Designer: Tess Dorman

Lighting Design: Alex Berlage

Sound Design: Jed Silver

Stage Manager: Genevieve Muratore

Publicity: IP Publicity


Ticket prices: $35 Adult $30 Concession $25 Previews and Cheap Tuesday (all tickets include $2  booking fee)

Times: Tues – Sat 7:30pm, Sun 5pm