A new play by Claire Lovering

Director - Jules Patey

Cast - Josh Brennan and Claire Lovering

Design Consultant - Alicia Clements

Stage Manager - Fraser Orford


Who are you with? Are you sleeping? Do you still wear your retainer?


Eight years. Two lovers. One mattress.

When you know everything there is to know about someone… What comes after that? What then?

Set in one room;  one bed;  over eight years, Claire Lovering’s striking new play, Nest,  offers a startling and intimate glimpse into thememories of a mattress, and what it means to truly know someone.  

Under the direction of Jules Patey, actors Claire Lovering and Josh Brennan inhabit one relationship – from every angle. Alternating roles each performance, they blur the line of me, you and us, holding no argument sacred and no blame spared.

Inspired by stories collected from strangers in an anonymous online survey, Nest is a touching, funny play about love, loss and identity and what happens when you reach the end.

21st June - 2nd July

Ticket Prices: $25 including booking fee