Seeker productions presents


by Dennis Kelly

Directed by Richard Hilliar

With  Liam Nunan, Jacki Mison, and Christopher Morris

 Stage Manager - Georgiane Deal
 Designer - Christina Bouzios
 Lighting - Liam O'keefe
 Sound - Tegan Nicholls    

'Yes or no, are you going to believe me?'

Liam shows up on his sister Helen's doorstep, covered in blood. He's found a boy stabbed in the street - a lad who ran off into the night. Danny wants to call the police. But Liam has a record and the police don't like him. And Liam is the only family Helen's got.

It's going to be a rough night.

Award winning author Dennis Kelly's masterful work is a slow-burn thriller, which unearths the lengths we are prepared to go to protect what we love from the darkness, both inside and out.

Not to be missed. 

Dates 19 - 30 April

Ticket Prices: $25 including booking fee