Strictly limited return season, following a critically-acclaimed season at the Old Fitz in 2015.

Written by Connor McDermottroe

Directed by Greg Carroll

'De Vanny's performance is remarkable' - Jason Blake

"Charged with emotional intensity...utterly compelling" (Sunday Times) 

"A haunting piece of life on the margins" (Sunday Independent)

Meet Occi Byrne, the illegitimate child of a single mother in the Catholic west of Ireland. Shunned by church, state and family, Occi must fight his way to adulthood in a dog eat dog world. Violent, tragic and hauntingly tender, Swansong is the story of a lost soul from one of the masters of Irish drama. 

15th March - 26th March

No show Good Friday, March 25th. 

Featuring Andre de Vanny

Lighting Design by Cameron Menzies

Photography Robert Catto

Dialect Jenny Kent

 All Tickets $25 including booking fee.

9.30pm start Tuesday - Saturday, 7.30pm Sunday